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For Quality Violins & Musical Instruments, Master Violin Repairs & the Best Value Stings Available, Get in Contact With Crehan Musical Instruments Ltd. Today.

Violin Strings


E: €12.4 A: €143.2
D: €19.3 G: €19.6
Set: €64.5


E: €10 A: €10.8
D: €12.25 G: €15.5
Set: €48.5

Evah Parizzi

E: € 6.6/G 12.5
A: €25
D: € 33.15 G: € 38
Set € 102/108

Gold E

E: €11.00
Set: €92.00

Viola Strings

Oliv label

A: € 35.5 D: € 74.5
G: € 96.5 C: € 56.5
Set: € 263


A: € 30.25 D: € 41.25
G: € 43.75 C: € 48.5
Set: € 166


A: € 28.5 D: € 35
G: € 38 C: € 48
Set: € 149.5

Evah Pirazzi

A: € 28.5 D: € 34.5
G: € 36.75 C: € 47.25
Set: € 147

Cello Strings


A: €27 D: €38
G: €44 C: €50
Set: €159


A: €17.5 D: €18.5
G: €20 C: €21.5
Set: €77.5


A: €23.5 D: €41.5
G: €72 C: €98
Set: €240


A: €17.6 D: €17.7
G: €20.1 C: €22.6
Set: €78

Bass Strings


G: €50 D: €53
A: €59 E: €68
Set: €225


G: €24 D: €26
A: €32 E: €38
Set: €115


G: €43 D: €48
A: €54.5 E: €64.5
Set: €210

Original Flat Chrome

G: €85 D: €93
A: €110 E: €136
Set: €420

Instrument Strings

Instrument Strings 1

Set: N/A

Instrument Strings 2

Set: N/A

Instrument Strings 3

Set: N/A

Instrument Strings 4

Set: N/A



Crehan Musical Instruments Ltd. supply a comprehensive range of quality violins perfect for all budgets. Our violins are supplied by some of Europe’s most respected instrument manufacturing companies.

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

Our traditional Dublin music shop supplies a full range of quality string instruments. Our range includes violins, cellos, double basses and a range of other carefully curated string instruments.

Music Accessories

Musical Accessories

Our full and comprehensive range of string musical instruments is complemented by a carefully selected range of accessories. Our musical instrument accessories include bows, violin carrier cases...

Violin Repairs

Violin Repairs

From our workshop, we provide the very best Dublin violin repairs. Our highly experienced and highly trained team of master repairmen, carry out full violin repairs on all kinds of violins.

For Quality Violins and Musical instruments, master Violin repairs and the best value stings available, get in contact with Crehan Musical Instruments Ltd. today.

Crehan Musical Instruments Ltd.

For over 3 decades, Crehan Musical Instruments Ltd. has been supplying musicians all over Dublin with quality string instruments including violins, violas, cellos, concertinas, basses and a full range of traditional instruments.

As a family-owned business, that share our customer’s passion for music, we provide a carefully vetted range of quality instruments, manufactured by some of Europe’s most respected instrument manufacturers.

Along with providing a collection of for-sale instruments, our master instrument repair specialists complete repairs on all kinds of violins in our custom-created workshop.

As a family of musicians we understand the importance of getting just the right instrument for the budding musician or the established professional, as such we pride ourselves on our customer service.
Our expert team take the time to help our clients find just the right instrument for their requirements.

Not sure what you are looking for? Allow our expert team to help you select just the right instrument.

For more information on Crehan Musical Instruments Ltd., please call in-store or get in contact with us today.